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Application development and automation

We’ve been helping our clients digitise and turn their ideas into reality for 15 years. We create brand new applications using the latest technologies such as IoT, AI and Big data to keep our clients’ businesses at the forefront of what technology enables.

For example, we’ve built apps that use AI to generate personalised shopping recommendations, automatically match teaching assistants with schools in need and analyse vast amounts of traffic data to improve the transport industry.

Our DevOps factory provides customers with a seamless way to meet their development needs. Many of our clients have been able to reduce IT costs by 20-30% by automating routine HR, finance and procurement tasks. We are strong in sectors such as transport, retail and telecoms and manufacturing.

Devops as a service

DevOps has become a key tool for successful digital transformation, enabling flexibility and an agile approach. DevOps-as-a-Service provides a wide range of best-in-class DevOps practices. Delivered by our experienced DevOps engineers, where you can choose the team that suits your needs, where we deliver all your requirements based on Cloud, DevOps, CI/CD, Infrastructure and Monitoring.

You get immediate access to experienced DevOps engineers who can bring their expertise to your project from the first day.

A dedicated DevOps team provides documentation and mentoring to help you understand and develop your processes.

A dedicated DevOps team provides documentation and mentoring to help you understand and develop your processes.


Capacity and architecture for integration are increasingly important for businesses. We implement integration projects based on middleware from: Microsoft BizTalk Server, WebMethods, IBM WebSphere, Dell Boomi and Snaplogic. Everything you need for service-oriented integration solutions that support your business and digital services.

You can contract directly with senior integration specialists. As needed, you can scale up or down during the project.

Not sure which integration platform to choose for your project? Our senior project managers/consultants will advise you and then guide you through all stages of the integration project.

We will help you plan your project, create a governance model, design an integration architecture, implement the solution and maintain existing integration objects.

Prior to the start of the project, we create implementation scenarios, including a validating demonstration of proposed integration solutions.


All manual, repetitive tasks that can be automated should be automated. Automation reaches its peak when IoT, AI and robotics are combined. We can build automation for all your needs.

Smart workflows are transforming the way work gets done by applying real-time insights, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other exponential technologies to reinvent processes and drive business outcomes. Move from closed, static functions to integrated, agile workflows by connecting people, data and technology.

Save time and money by automating manual and repetitive tasks to instead put energy into developing business capabilities.

Too many businesses struggle to scale manual processes under the weight of increasing growth. Automation helps increase productivity and efficiency. The faster and more accurately you can execute business-critical processes, the better prepared you are to scale your business.


No one has missed the major challenges facing the physical retail sector in recent years. The years of growth are over as more and more sales move digitally. Empty premises are an increasingly common sight at shopping centres around the country and in the US over 25 malls are closing – per day. At the same time, e-commerce is growing by almost 15% annually and the trend is clear that companies, whether retailers, brands or wholesalers, need to own their own sales channel digitally. Are you on the e-commerce train?

With experience comes the ability to prioritise so you get value for money. With our developers based in Poland, you get additional value for money.

Euvic covers the entire process, ensuring you get a total solution that suits your business. Including requirements engineering and help with traffic and conversion optimisation.

With good processes and great people, we can be both fast and flexible which is now more important than ever. Avoid long feasibility studies and complicated projects, get started with your digital sales right away.

Mobile development

We help you go from idea to finished product. You can benefit from our comprehensive development methodology – from initial concept and feature to UI/UX, prototyping, programming and acceptance testing.

For each app developed, we offer to ensure compatibility with new, higher versions of each platform for an agreed period of time.

We can design and program mobile apps for Android and iOS, using technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR), NFC (Near Field Communications) or when purchasing applications.

Android and iOS apps as well as cross-platform mobile apps based on ReactNative, Unity3D, Cordova, PhoneGap and Ionic frameworks.


The list of applications is endless. What they have in common is that they are about reconciling business objectives with customer benefits by designing solutions that truly match people’s needs, behaviours and motivations. We help you create a functional and attractive user experience.

Our in-house UI / UX unit helps you improve the customer experience and thus solve users' problems.

Our UI/UX design and development process is linked to software development. You can use it as a standalone service or as part of our software development offering.

You can take advantage of our UI / UX designers to build prototypes of apps and games for different platforms and in many different industries.

You can immediately contract our highly skilled, experienced and cost-effective UI / UX designers. They can help you with a comprehensive UI / UX service or for selected problem areas.


We have a wide range of expertise in programming languages and our cost-effective developers build applications for e-commerce, billing systems and mobile apps. Guaranteed speed, flexibility and security with easy scalability options. You can choose to have our agile developers on-site with you or off-site, depending on their role and needs in your project.

Our Java development services enable you to build securely coded, robust, scalable and responsive apps.

We have a team of over 300 experienced PHP developers working with modern PHP-related tools and frameworks, such as Magneto, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Laravel, Symfony and PrestaShop.

We can offer you .NET expertise across the entire technology ecosystem, including custom software development, migration projects and the cloud.

Phyton's built-in data structure combined with dynamic writing and dynamic binding makes it an attractive programming language for rapid application.


With a CMS system, you can support your business’s new needs and initiatives to achieve your business goals. We have completed over 500 projects based on the world’s most popular Content Management System (CMS).

WordPress is the world's most powerful and simple CMS system for building websites and blogs. You can take advantage of us and use our consultants in your own team, then put the entire development and operation of WordPress with us.

Drupal is used to build many of the websites and applications you use every day. The CMS system has standard features like easy content editing, reliable performance and trusted security.

Magento is an e-commerce platform written in PHP that gives online retailers a flexible shopping cart system and control over the look, content and functionality of their online store. Magento can scale up quickly if needed and offers a variety of plugins.

Optimizely's cloud services offer flexible scalability, fast speed, robust security and round-the-clock service and support. Everything is built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

SharePoint is the most cost-effective tool for creating an enterprise portal or extranet for an organization already using Microsoft software.