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Application operation and management

Most Swedish and Nordic companies spend close to 60-70% of their annual IT budget on the management and operation of existing applications, but only 30-40% is spent on supporting the business with new needs and initiatives.

We can help you take care of your legacy application operations as cost-effectively as possible. As well as freeing up budget that will be key to new initiatives to modernise legacy applications that will support business needs. Modernising business processes, business models and digital services all need a modern application flora as a foundation.

Customers who turn to us typically see a significant reduction in application management costs, increased automation and stability.

Legacy system

A legacy system can cause many problems such as huge maintenance costs, difficulty scaling, preventing integration between systems and compromising security. Many people today sit with legacy systems and see a mountain of problems that just keep growing. Companies need to modernise processes and systems to survive and continue working towards their business goals.

Moving to the cloud is easy. We help you choose the right platform and migrate legacy systems to the cloud.

Modern cloud services only cost money when used, with no expensive upfront costs. It's easy to test new features and make continuous improvements without soaring costs.

With modern systems and agile processes, you can quickly and efficiently adapt your business to the market and your competitors.


As a Microsoft CRM Gold Competency Partner, we can help you with implementation, training, support and consulting services for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. A strong CRM solution is a versatile platform where everything that is important to develop, improve and maintain your customer relationships is stored. Without the support of an integrated CRM solution, you can miss out on growth opportunities and lose revenue by not optimising your operational processes or leveraging your customer relationships or potential leads.

Dynamics CRM works in the same way as other Microsoft products. It works and looks like MS Office which allows users to start working almost immediately.

We can be your one-stop shop for Dynamics CRM implementation, training, support and consulting services, provided by experienced and certified consultants.

The system adapts to your specific needs and integrates with external systems, enabling automatic implementation of any changes to processes in the operation of built-in network services.

You can contract us based on different cooperation models, including comprehensive outsourcing of a project.


With a CMS system, you can support your business’s new needs and initiatives to achieve your business goals. We have completed over 500 projects based on the world’s most popular Content Management System (CMS).

WordPress är världens mest kraftfulla och enkla CMS-system för att bygga hemsidor och bloggar. Du kan ta hjälp av oss och nyttja våra konsulter i ert eget team, sen lägga hela utvecklingen och driften av WordPress hos oss.

Drupal is used to build many of the websites and applications you use every day. The CMS system has standard features like easy content editing, reliable performance and trusted security.

Magento is an e-commerce platform written in PHP that gives online retailers a flexible shopping cart system and control over the look, content and functionality of their online store. Magentos can scale up quickly if needed and offers a variety of plugins.

Optimizely's cloud services offer flexible scalability, fast speed, robust security and round-the-clock service and support. Everything is built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

SharePoint is the most cost-effective tool for creating an enterprise portal or extranet for an organization already using Microsoft software.


No one has missed the major challenges facing the physical retail sector in recent years. The years of growth are over as more and more sales move digitally. Empty premises are an increasingly common sight at shopping centres around the country and in the US over 25 malls are closing – per day. At the same time, e-commerce is growing by almost 15% annually and the trend is clear that companies, whether retailers, brands or wholesalers, need to own their own sales channel digitally. Are you on the e-commerce train?

With experience comes the ability to prioritise so you get value for money. With our developers based in Poland, you get additional value for money.

With good processes and good people, we can be both fast and flexible which is now more important than ever. Avoid long feasibility studies and complicated projects, get started with your digital sales right away.

Euvic covers the entire process, ensuring you get a total solution that suits your business. Including requirements definition and help with traffic and conversion optimisation.