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Clouds and infrastructure

The growth of the cloud services market has been remarkably strong over the last decade.

The cloud is opening up and changing the competition between large and small companies. Modern digital workplaces allow work to be done anywhere, anytime, securely and seamlessly.

With good partnerships and high expertise in automation and AI, we help our customers to keep up with technology developments. Which we do together with leading providers such as Microsoft, AWS and Google.

Cloud services

The cloud allows you to focus on delivering business value and not worry about operations. We can help you with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is the most mature cloud platform on the market. With AWS, you have the ability to control a large number of users and resources.

Certified developers help you migrate to the Azure Cloud infrastructure and deploy Microsoft online software, including Office 365, SharePoint Online and Dynamics.

We offer Google Cloud services that include migration and Engine-based app development.

We also offer services built on other cloud platforms and data centers. Within the framework that follows the rules of ANSI TIA / EIA 942 at a TIER 3 level.

Amazon Web Services

We build, operate and manage cloud-based applications using the latest innovative services including, migration, architecture, security, performance monitoring and cost tracking. We always combine DevOps automation with our AWS certified engineers, developers and architects.

According to Gartner's magic quadrant for cloud IaaS, AWS is the most mature platform on the market, with the deepest capability to manage a wide range of services and resources.

Amazon Web Services is used by millions of customers worldwide. Most often to build scalable, high-performance websites and apps. There is a wide range of modern features and services based on the very latest technology in AWS. In short, with us, AWS is an enabler of innovation.

AWS offers extensive security features and you can also use many services in hybrid mode. Which means you can build and manage your hybrid IT architecture with the help of AWS services, ranging from WM-Ware datacenters to individual local servers.

Euvic is an AWS Premium Partner and AWS reseller. We can take overall responsibility for all your needs and also develop your Amazon Web Services (AWS) usage. As an AWS partner, we make sure you can be more innovative with better scalability and lower cost.

Azure & Office 365

We help you with Azure Cloud and Office 365. We are a Microsoft Azure Circle program partner, Microsoft ERP Gold and Microsoft CRM Gold Competency Partner.

Microsoft Azure allows to run applications, store data on Microsoft's servers and benefit from the reliable operating system in the cloud, SQL Azure (database services) and .NET services.

With Azure you get a lot of advantages, the recognition factor of Windows environment, scalability, flexibility, interoperability and security.

It is very easy to migrate to Azure and use various Microsoft software solutions, including the MS Dynamics family of products such as (AX / NAV / CRM), SharePoint and Office 365.

As a Microsoft Azure Circle Partner, Euvic can offer you the highest quality and cost-effective consulting, training and project implementation services based on the Azure platform.


We give you full control over your IT infrastructure. Whether your IT services are provisioned in traditional data centres or distributed cloud infrastructure.

You'll be able to analyse and optimise the costs of your IT infrastructure with tracking of server capacity, usage rights, real-time security reporting and more actionable data.

We offer round-the-clock IT infrastructure monitoring services, minimising the risk of software or hardware failure.

Based on advanced tools and well-defined processes, we can largely automate monitoring services for your IT Infrastructure and offer this service at a competitive price.

We proactively monitor your virtual and physical infrastructure to gain insight into its performance and based on this we take action to prevent disruptions before they happen.

Service desk

Euvic has over a decade of experience in delivering high quality technical support to large global enterprises worldwide. By providing all three levels of support, we offer to be your local point of contact for IT support.

Outsourced service desk from Euvic gives you an economic advantage. You get an service desk with a high level of service and efficiency for almost 50% of the price providers from Western Europe or the US provide.

For us, implementing changes and improvements, including providing IT management support resources for your business during changes, is natural and easy.

You can take advantage of our high-quality IT support services either around the clock or during office hours, depending on your needs and budget.