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Digital Capability Discovery

Who is this consultancy for?

Based on four building blocks; enterprise architecture, business process management, IT maturity assessment and value and business model mapping, we do a quick scan of an organisation’s current situation. In the agile world we live in, fewer and fewer organisations have the time to invest in a major review, but more and more are demanding a faster value delivery.
Our DCD is for organisations that need a quick assessment of their current IT capability, IT strategy and IT roadmap and how it supports set business objectives.

What are the benefits of a DCD?

A DCD provides an external expert opinion on your IT capability, IT strategy and IT roadmap at an overall level, allowing you to quickly prioritise the actions that will have the greatest impact. Put simply, you get a clear picture of your current state and what activities are between your current state and target state.

What is the outcome of a DCD?

A DCD gives you a report that:

  • Identifies the business value that can be enabled by new technologies and ways of working
  • Identifies what digital skills are in place – and which need to be added to deliver what the business needs
  • Prioritising next steps.

How long will it take?

A DCD requires about 2 hours to answer preparatory questions, about 3 hours to conduct the workshop itself and about 2 hours for presentation and discussion of our report.

What skills will you benefit from?

To be able to provide a relevant baseline analysis in such a condensed time span, we conduct a DCD with our most senior advisors, all of whom have at least 10+ years of C-level experience, either as CIO, CTO or CEO.

What do we need from you?

We need access to your business objectives and IT strategy, as well as 1-3 people who can participate in the workshop. Examples of roles that are usually included are CEO, CIO, CTO and business unit managers.