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Digital Strategy Design

Who is this advice for?

In the agile world we live in, fewer and fewer organisations have the time to invest in extensive strategy work, and more and more are demanding faster strategy work. Our Digital strategy design is for organisations that need a quick review of their current state in terms of IT capability, IT strategy and IT roadmap and how it supports set business objectives. Based on four building blocks; enterprise architecture, business process management, IT maturity assessment and value and business model mapping.

What are the benefits of a Digital Strategy Design?

The benefits of a Digital Strategy Design are that you get a digital strategy that supports your business objectives. You also get a prioritized list of initiatives that can be implemented to achieve the greatest impact with the least amount of time and budget.

Because the target architecture is based on the latest proven technologies, established solution patterns, best practices and industry standards, you can feel confident in the recommendations that the strategy work produces. With limited effort, the target architecture can be further developed into an ecosystem design to include customers and trading partners, see Ecosystem Design.

If the application and IT landscape is not documented, a Tech Review may need to be conducted first as an input to the strategy work.

What is the outcome of a Digital Strategy Design?

  • Identifies the business values that can be enabled by new technologies and ways of working
  • Identifies what digital skills are in place – and which need to be added to deliver what the business needs
  • Target Architecture
  • Link between Portfolio of ongoing initiatives and Target Architecture
  • Integrated roadmap with Business Epics and Enablers
  • Risk list

How long will it take?

Given the availability of the business plan, ongoing initiatives, IT landscape descriptions, the strategy work takes four calendar weeks to complete.

What competencies will you benefit from?

To accomplish digital strategy in such a condensed timeframe, we conduct a Digital Strategy Design with our most senior advisors who all have at least 10+ years of C-level experience, either as CIO, CTO or Chief Architect.

What do we need from you?

We need access to your business plan, existing IT strategy, and interviews with key stakeholders: the CEO, CIO, CFO, Business Managers and Product Owners. Interviews will take place during week 1 and week 2. Thereafter, further reconciliations will take place on an ongoing basis as needed.