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Ecosystem design

Who is this service for?

If there is an IT strategy or digitisation strategy, there is often a need to review the customer journey for different customer segments at one end and at the other end review supplier and supply-chain management. Ecosystem design aims to digitise the customer and supply chains to achieve fully digitised end-to-end processes with real-time information provision and data-driven decision-making.

What are the benefits of Ecosystem Design

By applying industry standards for information delivery and infrastructure combined with proven solution patterns and technologies, the focus can be on identifying and quantifying benefits with improved user experiences, products and automated processes. Benefits and value creation drive the need for new digital capabilities. Ecosystem design is the decomposition and concretization of business model and offerings into a logical architecture.
This decomposition is a prerequisite for creating roadmaps for each business initiative, product and enabling infrastructure.

What is the outcome of an Ecosystem Design

  • Value drivers identified with estimated potentials
  • A construction drawing for the target architecture
  • List of digital and organisational capabilities to be strengthened / created

How long does an Ecosystem Design take?

1-2 months

Learning business strategy, IT strategy, digitization initiatives, 1 week
Reviewing digitized customer journey, 1-2 weeks
Supply Chain walkthrough – 1-2 weeks
Ecosystem design, 1-2 weeks
Produce report with recommendations, 1 week

Who will conduct Ecosystem Design

Senior Enterprise & Business Architects, Business Developers

What do we need from you?

Access to business plan, IT strategist, digitization initiatives Interviews with business and IT leaders and selected experts. Participation in 1-2 WS.