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IoT, Data ja AI

AI is predicted to be part of the fourth industrial revolution. As revolutionary for world production as the steam engine was in the 19th century.

Success with AI requires huge amounts of data, both structured and unstructured. IoT (internet of things) is a major driver for the collection of new data. It provides endless opportunities to automate tasks that were previously impossible to automate. Such as when we can enable buses, water pipes, even refrigerators and flowers to collect data and tell us when they need to be refilled, repaired or watered.

We have automated and streamlined everything from bus and train services to how to optimise retail stores using IoT, Data and AI. They’re all seeing big impacts like reduced operating costs and higher quality services.

AI & Machine Learning

We have been involved in AI and ML based projects for ten years. We have helped our clients by providing highly skilled AI developers. Helped advise on which AI technologies they should choose and fine-tuned their strategies and prototypes. As a result, our clients can quickly verify their AI-related ideas and create software driven by algorithms for their customers and employees.

We created one of the first AI-powered systems that could predict a particular stock market behavior in the early 2000s. Since then, we've used various AI and ML components to build different software solutions for our clients.

We have AI and ML related domain expertise in several different industries such as fintech, manufacturing, retail.

The knowledge our AI developers sit on is certified by leading AI and ML vendors offering AI (AWS, Google, IBM, Microsoft) as well as other tools.

Do you need to analyze big data sets, event-based alerts, identity analysis and chatbots? We have broad knowledge and expertise for all kinds of assignments

Analytics (BI)

We help our customers with consulting, design, development, implementation and maintenance. Together, we create solutions that turn your data into insights.

You can immediately hire our highly skilled, experienced and cost-effective BI and Big Data developers and then add or reduce the number of developers as needed.

We have BI-related domain expertise across a range of industries, including manufacturing, fintech, telecoms, FMCG, energy and more.

Not sure if you want to create a dedicated data storage solution or implement a specific BI solution? Our experts will advise you on that question.

Our developers have over ten years of experience in BI and Big Data development and consulting. Their expertise is certified by leading BI and Big Data vendors.

Data warehouse & Big Data

Big Data is an umbrella term to describe how to manage large amounts of data. Often using data lakes and sometimes data warehouses to collect the data from e.g. IoT devices. Almost always, data management architecture includes both traditional data warehouse architectures as well as modern Big Data technologies. By supporting advanced analytics via e.g. Phyton algorithms as well as via traditional BI systems, we create analytics and business support that is uniquely tailored to your needs. All to increase efficiency and make decisions that will bring you closer to your business goals.

Our developers have extensive experience in building Data Lakes, collection from IoT devices, Data Warehouse, Predictive Analytics as well as advanced analytics using for example Pyton and R as well as traditional BI solutions based on Power BI, Qlik and Tableau among others.

We design, model and develop data warehouses for on-premises software or cloud solutions.

Internet of things (IoT)

The Internet of Things, or IoT as it is commonly known, is one of the fastest growing areas of technology. Sensors and processors can collect and share data in real time, and applications range from ski boots to water pipes and connected cars. The development of 5G and its launch globally has accelerated the maturity and increased opportunities of IoT, meaning that more and more companies are exploring the new business opportunities created.

With IoT, you can get health and performance data from your machines or vehicles, for example. This helps you detect and fix problems or damage ahead of time. With IoT data, you avoid major delays or missed production due to an unexpected breakdown.

Equip your factory with a digital infrastructure that, with high-performance Wi-Fi and 5G networks, can save large amounts of time and materials. The infrastructure includes everything from smart devices on the production line to computer algorithms for automation.

Our developers have extensive experience in building Data Lakes, Data Warehouses and handling the collection of streaming data from IoT devices. Predictive analytics as well as advanced analytics using e.g. Pyton and R and traditional BI solutions based on e.g. Power BI, Qlik, Tableau etc.