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Pilot as a Service

Who is this service for?

Pilot as a Service is suitable when you want to verify a new offer in the market or sell a new more efficient way of working internally. We design the pilot so that it can be delivered as a SaaS service, and we work with you to define success criteria and metrics against which the pilot is evaluated.

What are the benefits of Pilot as a Service

  • Can be implemented as a discrete component with no dependence on existing systems, managed through integrations where necessary
  • It is possible to quickly evaluate a new offer or concept and, with the help of crisp data, produce a fact-based decision-making basis for the next step.

What is the outcome of a Pilot as a Service

  • Evaluation and verification of user experience, UX
  • Monitoring operational impact through success criteria and metrics
  • Improvement suggestions expressed as Epics and Stories incorporated in the Product Backlog

How long does a Pilot as a Service take?

Product Design Sprint, 3-4 calendar weeks
Build product candidate, 4 weeks; MVP in two sprints
Test run pilot, 2 months, evaluation is ongoing
Produce recommendation and decision document, 1 week

Who will implement the Pilot as a Service

Senior project managers supported by senior architects and business developers.

What do we need from you?

A product owner who has an idea, a mandate from management to implement a pilot. We also need access to domain knowledge, existing processes or new ones to be tested, information flows and system landscapes, and access to IT integration managers if dependencies to other systems exist.