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Product Design Sprint

Who is this advice for?

For those with an idea or initiative where you need to understand what it will take for you and your organisation to implement the idea. The product idea could be a completely new business idea, a complementary service to your existing offering or targeted at internal customers.

What are the benefits of this advice?

A Product Design Sprint is a powerful way to further develop a product idea while creating an understanding of the requirements for a future product realisation, including construction drawings and estimates.

What is the outcome of this consultancy?

Based on the client’s business model and existing ecosystem, the client gets the following:

  • A product design with a strong link to benefits and value proposition
  • A construction drawing, Service Blueprint, that fits into the client’s ecosystem
  • User story mapping as a basis for planning
  • Estimated Epics and Stories in a Product Backlog
  • Build Plan

How long does it take?

A Product Design Sprint takes a maximum of 4 calendar weeks. The time taken varies between 3-4 weeks depending on the size of the product and the complexity of the organization the product is to be realized.

What skills do you get?

The Euvic Product Design Team includes a business architect, solution architect, UX/UI designer and system architect.

What do we need from you?

We need access to business owners and product owners who have decision-making mandates and IT managers who have full insight into the existing ecosystem and IT landscape during the first week. After that, ongoing reconciliations and then attend the presentation of the results. If you have a lead designer for your customer experience, he/she will also need to be present.