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Skills supply

The challenge of finding the right skills for digital initiatives has increased in recent years. Industry experts say that there is a shortage of up to 70,000 system developers in Sweden to meet the increased digitalisation.

At Euvic, we have close to 4,000 system developers with a high level of expertise in most of the technologies you need for your digital initiative. For example, we have 700 Java developers that many enterprise-class companies demand for their scaled-up digital ventures, hundreds of systems developers specializing in mobile applications with premium user experience, and hundreds of devops developers with experience in Azure and AWS. A culture centered around humility, transparency, and lack of prestige makes us fast and easy to work with. Our goal is to always be the good people.

In which situations can you turn to us for help with your skills supply?

Skills shortages are a common problem in Scandinavia, but with skills supply you can tailor your team to your needs. We match you with the right skills from our pool of 4000 developers.

Top skills can be hard and expensive to find. With skills provisioning, you can easily scale your team up or down depending on where you are in the delivery process or how advanced the technology is.

Skill provisioning helps your business speed up work on a project by doubling the forces.

Avoid spending unnecessary time and let us take care of all the administrative stuff so you can focus on business development.

What is the process for getting help with skills?

During a quick meeting, let's find out what you need, define your expectations and discuss the scope of the project.

Based on your needs, we will present the best candidate profiles available for your project. Here you have the opportunity to shape your dedicated team.

Your new team will familiarise themselves with the code, requirements and work plan.

From now on, we support your development on a daily basis and attend regular project review meetings.