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Tech review

Who is this advice for?

Our tech review is for companies that wish to review their existing infrastructure and do a comprehensive gap analysis. We recommend a tech review if you are experiencing bottlenecks and it is taking you a very long time to launch new digital products and services. A tech review is also relevant if you are about to modernise your infrastructure and are considering how best to leverage the benefits of cloud and microservices-based infrastructure.

What are the benefits of a tech review?

  • Creates an understanding of how you can significantly accelerate the development and launch of digital products and services
  • Creates an understanding of what cloud services can help you and what a possible roadmap for modernising your infrastructure might look like

What is the outcome of a tech-review?

  • An overview, documented state of play that describes your current situation objectively
  • A proposed roadmap for a modernised, service-based infrastructure where we help you prioritise the order in which you should undertake the modernisation for maximum benefit.

How long does a tech review take?

The process takes two calendar weeks split into 2 x 1 week sprints.

Who will conduct the Tech Review?

Senior enterprise and systems architects with extensive experience in cloud-based infrastructure (AWS, Azure and Google Cloud).

What do we need from you?

We need access to application and system maps and descriptions of current infrastructure.